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During ancient times, people believe in herbal way of maintaining disease-free body condition and in curing illnesses, and that they do not depend in medical ways. But as technology advances and scientists have discovered convenient and easy ways to preserve health at its best and treat diseases, many have put their faith in medical practices. When one is suffering mild headache or body ache, there’s an available pain reliever that gives relief in a matter of minutes. Yet, keeping a good health varies on the place where you live. If you reside in areas where poverty is a main concern, expect that health issues have higher risks than that of a person that lives in developed countries. Since hygiene is related to the proper care of health, it has been proven that people in the first world are healthier than those in the third world where proper nutrition and good hygiene are lacking.

In Africa for example, numerous illnesses and diseases that have similar symptoms have been affecting residents most especially children and elderly. The World Heath Organization had put so much effort to reach the most remote areas affected by these diseases to bring aide such as medicines, vaccines, and food supplies. On the other hand, developed countries such as the ones in North America – United States and Canada – are believed to have better health, except for those who are suffering stress-related illnesses, in which it strikes more of the class A and B population.

Health in Canada, particularly in Vancouver has been given much attention by the government with the help of some private medical institutes that provide the best health options and services. For instance, the Vancouver Coastal Health offers services to more than one million BD residents living in Vancouver, Vancouver’s North Shore, Richmond, the Sea-to-Sky Highway, Sunshine Coast, Bella Bella, Bella Coola the Central Coast and the surrounding areas. Aside from operating hospitals within the city, the institute also offers primary care, community-based residential and home health care, mental health, addiction services, public health, and hospital care. With these, residents of Vancouver feel safe and secured that they can acquire specific services from just around the neighborhood. And everyone is confident that health is being addressed to in a proper way.

Despite the abundance of health care and services in Vancouver, there are still individuals that prefer to have medical alternative, one of which is the chiropractor practice that refuses drug prescription and surgical procedures. But what really a chiropractor is?

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